Skoolie Swarm

Trail and Summit: What is Skoolie Swarm (Buslife FAQs)

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If you are new to buslife, you may have heard talk about a “skoolie swarm” and had no idea what was being discussed. Don’t worry, we have all the details for you below.

So, what is Skoolie Swarm?

Skoolie Swarm is an annual winter skoolie social gathering that takes place once a year in Florida and the festivities typically last for an entire week. All types of vehicles are welcome – box trucks, vans, tiny homes on wheels and skoolies of all shapes and sizes.

The Beginning of Skoolie Swarm

The Skoolie Swarm® (a.k.a The Swarm™) was founded by Travis and Michelle, the owners of the Big Blue Hauler, back in 2017. Their friend, Charlie, had a meetup with 5 other skoolies in 2017. Travis and Michelle loved meeting other skoolie owners and wanted to continue connecting with members of the community.

By the end of 2017, Travis noticed that other skoolie owners felt the same way in the forum, Michelle coordinated with other potential attendees via email and researched a few locations suggested by a friend. They wanted to ensure that all of the attendees were able to camp together, so they needed to find a location big enough.

After exploring a few options they decided on Sertoma Youth Ranch. The first Skoolie Swarm was held back in February of 2018, where 22 skoolies, vans, box trucks, and a tent camper attended. Fast forward to the fifth Annual Skoolie Swarm where over 250 skoolies, vans, box trucks, RVs, and tent campers attended.