Skoolie Swarm


Skoolie Swarm has quickly become the beacon for those passionate about the skoolie lifestyle. Every winter, enthusiasts, van lifers, and wanderlust-filled souls converge in sunny Florida for an unforgettable week-long celebration. But the gathering doesn’t stop with the winter sun. Every fall, the Skoolie Swarm community sets its sights on a new location, keeping the spirit fresh and the journey ever-evolving. 

As the community grows, so do our ambitions. In the coming years, Skoolie Swarm is gearing up to introduce even more events, each designed to deepen connections, share innovations, and celebrate the freedom that defines the skoolie movement. Whether you’re a seasoned skoolie owner or just starting your journey, the road ahead promises more gatherings, more adventures, and more memories with Skoolie Swarm.

Upcoming Swarms

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