Skoolie Swarm

School Bus Living

Although the creator of the video has the Skoolie Swarm coordinator wrongly labeled we still love that this video captures our very first Skoolie Swarm.

With the price of living always on the rise, people are downsizing in a unique new way. They’re living on school buses.

They call themselves “skoolies” and the movement is spreading like wildfire. Dozens of buses rolled into Sertoma Youth Ranch to show off their tiny homes on wheels.

“It’s people who really wanted to just maybe change things up in their lives,” said Sandy Blankenship, a Skoolie Swarm Coordinator. “For me, I wanted to move into a bus to simplify things.”

The idea of living with less is appealing to some people who are working the daily grind and barely staying financially afloat. Many of the buses are rigged with solar panels and accumulate their water from hoses and other outside sources, meaning no electricity or water bill.

“It feels good; you get rid of stuff,” said Roger Scruggs, a teacher at Florida Virtual School who lives in a bus of his own. “I still have a job. I still have an income. I just live in a bus.”

School buses are usually purchased online or at an auction for a few thousand dollars and are then renovated to support day-to-day life. Renovations include installing a bed, toilet, sink, storage and more storage. The cost of starting up a skoolie may be a bit expensive, but the financial upkeep is minimal.

“I bought the bus for $4,000,” said Scruggs. “I’ve put in roughly $7,000 into it, which isn’t bad for an RV.”

The renovation process can be a little tedious, and that’s where some skoolies hit their only roadblocks on the road to mobile living.