Skoolie Swarm

Swarm on the Susquehanna

Bainbridge, New York
September 20 – 29, 2024

Skoolie Swarm

is the premier gathering celebrating the nomadic and traveling lifestyle, anchored by a major winter Swarm in Florida, a roving fall gathering, and with an exciting expansion of events on the horizon.

Skoolie Swarm has quickly become the beacon for those passionate about the nomadic lifestyle. Every winter, skoolie enthusiasts, van lifers, and wanderlust-filled souls converge in sunny Florida for an unforgettable week-long celebration. But the gathering doesn’t stop with the winter sun. Every fall, the Skoolie Swarm community sets its sights on a new location, keeping the spirit fresh and the journey ever-evolving.

As the community grows, so do our ambitions. In the coming years, Skoolie Swarm is gearing up to introduce even more events, each designed to deepen connections, share innovations, and celebrate the freedom that defines the nomadic movement. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting your journey, the road ahead promises more gatherings, more adventures, and more memories with Skoolie Swarm.

September 20 – 29, 2024

Swarm on the Susquehanna

Bainbridge, New York

Come celebrate the Fall season with new friends and old as the Skoolie Swarm visits historic Bainbridge, NY. Just in time for the leaves to change we’ll enjoy traditional Swarm activities like potlucks, community breakfasts and pie eating contests. Launch your kayak or canoe on the Susquehanna river just steps from the event. Go on hikes and field trips to the Amish store and other sites in the area.

Watch your emails for a discount code if you’ve already attended one of our events.

December 6 – 12, 2024

Back to Basics Swarm

Ocala, Florida

Do you miss the feel of that 3rd Skoolie Swarm when we spent a few days together at Doe Lake in the Ocala National Forest? Bring your kayak, paddleboard and fishing pole and see if you can top Jimmy’s big catch. We can take a field trip to a local spring where the water is always 72 degrees. This will be a more laid back event without as many scheduled activities but we’ll still be facilitating ways to get to know the Swarm family a little better. 

Space is limited. More details to follow. Watch your email!

February 21 – March 2, 2025

8th Annual Skoolie Swarm

Melrose, FLorida

The 8th Annual Skoolie Swarm® is the largest nomad gathering in the Southeast; currently hosted on 70 acres in Melrose, FL. Amenities include a commercial kitchen open to anyone who needs it, bathhouses, a swimming pool, a lake, a covered basketball court, a zipline for kids, carpet ball tables, and more – but the greatest amenity of all is the community you instantly become a part of! There are all sorts of fun activities on the official schedule and there is even an un-official schedule where attendees can add their own activities. If you are already living the nomad life, you will find your people here! If you are interested in the nomad life, you will find that this is an epic opportunity to see what it’s all about, learn, ask questions, meet like-minded people, and even see a wide variety of rigs to spark your creativity!

What people love about Skoolie Swarm:

I recently attended the Swarm, my first ever, and I feel compelled to share my experience. Having only watched videos of other builds and people from various walks of life at different stages of their journeys, I didn’t fully grasp the impact of this event until I was there in person. The sense of belonging and warmth from the community was immediate, making me feel as if I’d always been a part of this incredible group.

Interacting with so many individuals, each at unique points in their skoolie adventures and possessing various levels of expertise, was enlightening. Seeing families thrive and individuals exuding happiness in their life choices reaffirmed my decision to become part of the skoolie community.

What stood out the most was the spirit of collaboration and support. When a couple of members faced major engine issues, it was heartwarming to see how many people came together to help, converging on a concrete pad in the middle of nowhere. The way everyone pitched in was nothing short of magical, a true testament to the goodness that still exists in the world.

The Swarm is more than just an event; it’s a beacon of community spirit, support, and education. The value of the experiences and connections made here is immeasurable. I highly recommend attending the Swarm to anyone seeking a deeper understanding and a genuine sense of community in the skoolie world.

– Shawn W.